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Giving Teens Complete Confidence In The Ability To




Are you worried about your teen’s smartphone addiction, concerned about their low self-esteem, alarmed by their reckless and self-harming behavior?


Do you wish you had the tools and the strategies to address all these challenges with success, RIGHT NOW?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are thrilled to share our special transformational programs with you!

About Me

You are cared for here.

Hi, I’m Anne Hayes (aka Mama G), "The Happiness Accelerator,  #1 International Best-Selling Author, Gifted Presenter, Magical MC, Divine Lyricist, Magical Manifestor, Creator of the Enigmatic and Engaging Workshop called: The Power Of The Word: Be the MC Of Your Own Life and the CVO of KickA$$ Happyness.

I have over three decades of experience working with Teens and their families as an educator in both the private and the public sectors, as well as a community outreach worker in urban areas. 

Here at KickA$$ Happyness, we are committed to helping your teen create their own  happy and successful life!


The Happiness Accelerator

empowering your teen to recommit to their best life

Here at KickA$$ Happyness, we are pleased to offer several products and programs to empower you and your Teen to create a new lease on life.

    The Power Of The Word:

Be The MC Of Your Own Life

KickA$$ Happyness Energy Sessions

A Highly Interactive, Engaging, Thought-Provoking PRESENTATION to Inspire Participants to take immediate action in creating their own happy and successful life.

Thirty-minute remote healing sessions. The result is significant healing and transformation to aid in the ongoing healing and transformation of the mind, body, spirit complex of a given individual.

Jump Start Program

A 90 Day Intensive that teaches you to have empowering conversations with your Teen, teaches both you and your Teen transformational strategies and tools to generate immediate, dramatic shifts in your Teen's attitude, and most importantly, provides you with the utmost confidence that your Teen has the ability to create their own happy and successful life.

What to expect from the Jump Start Program:

 Full Ownership Of Own  Life

 A Stronger Connection to Self 

 Turbocharged Personal Growth

A Happier And More Relaxed Disposition

 More Life-Affirming Decisions

Improved Ability To Self-Regulate

A More Positive Mindset

Increased Confidence (Walking Taller)

KickA$$ Happyness Rap2Lead Academy

For those Teens who seek ongoing personal transformation within a community of conscious creators, we offer a deep-dive twelve (12) month program. Within this comprehensive program, we at KickA$$ Happyness encourage Teens to become their true unique selves by exploring their individual creative superpower(s). This program offers continuous support along their journey to executing their desires and sharing their dreams with the world.

What to expect from the KickA$$ Happyness Rap2Lead Academy:

Long-Term Support & Accountability

Private Community 

Increased Happiness and Peace of Mind

Powerful New Tools for Ongoing Personal Transformation

Exponentially Enhanced Creative Expression

Creative Published Content

And More!


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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