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About This Program

The KH Rap2Lead Academy program is a deep-dive twelve (12) month program offered for those Teens who seek ongoing personal transformation within a community of conscious creators.


Within this comprehensive program, we at KickA$$ Happyness encourage Teens to become their true unique selves by exploring their individual creative superpower(s). This program offers continuous support along their journey to executing their desires and sharing their dreams with the world.

Learn your superpower
Execute your desires.
Activate your truth.
Dictate your life (on your terms).
What To Expect From This Program

The KH Rap2Lead Academy has been designed to provide you with all of the essential tools you need to continue to create a brighter future for you and your Teen.


Here are just some of the benefits you will receive from this highly-developed program:

Long-Term Support & Accountability

Private Community

Increased Happiness and Peace of Mind

Powerful New Tools for Ongoing Personal Transformation

Exponentially Enhanced Creative Expression

Creative Published Content

And More!

* Weekly 1 hour Zoom call mastermind group with Anne and other participants  

* Monthly 30-minute private coaching session and check-in regarding your Teen's progress  

* Completion of a Break-Out Speech   

* Opportunity to contribute to a published compilation project   

* Access to all Retreats & Events throughout the year  

* Lifetime use of all shared templates /MP3s 


* Completion of your Brief Personal Biography  for promotional purposes 


* Participation in a Group Showcase/Exhibition in which you will share your story in an art form determined by YOU!   

More Benefits

Including these life-changing gifts listed above, by signing up for our 12-month master program KH Rap2Lead Academy, you will also receive...

A FREE PDF of our latest book:


How to Step into Your Authentic Power with Grace and Create the Life You Desire"


Access to our exclusive

Private Facebook KH Community Page

Program Investment

Now that your Teen appears to be on a more positive timeline, we recognize that you'd like to keep it that way! We at Kicka$$ Happyness know that natural life challenges will inevitably arise and that your Teen may falter.  We are here to provide the extra support to see them through as they build strength and resilience.

We also realize the gift of synergy in a mastermind setting with like-minded individuals as a powerful way to keep your Teen on track in creating their best life! 

And so we INTRODUCE...The 12-month Rap2Lead Academy to take your Teen from the critical jumpstart phase to the deeply transformative leadership phase. In this instance, your investment now places your Teen's life on a trajectory to greatness! 

Schedule your Rap2Lead Interview today using the button below, and witness the power of investing in the life of your Teen!

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