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KH 5-Step System
KickA$$ Happyness
5-Step System
About This Program

The KH 5-Step System (Jump Start Transformation) is a program that will teach you to have empowering conversations with your Teen, teach both you and your Teen transformational strategies and tools to successfully navigate the teenage years, and most importantly, provide you with the utmost confidence that your Teen will live a positive, fulfilling life!

The KH 5-Step System has been designed to provide you with all of the essential tools you need to get a jumpstart on creating a brighter future for you and your Teen.


Here are just some of the benefits you will receive from this highly-developed program:

What To Expect From This Program

A New Lease on Life

A Stronger Connection to Self

Turbocharged Personal Growth

Increased Happiness and Peace of Mind

Liberation in Sharing Your Story

Powerful New Tools for Ongoing Personal Transformation

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your innate wisdom
to create
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*Access To Online Academy Within A Generated Vortex Of Complete Positivity And Accelerated Personal Growth

* Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching Call (12 calls total) for your teen.

*Weekly 1 hour Group coaching call  for you and other parents to monitor your Teens' progress

* Three Group  Energy Healing Sessions for your Teen.

*Biweekly Activations for your Teen.

*Lifetime use of all shared templates/MP3s

* Access to private FB community with parents of current program participants

* Access to your Teen's own private FB Community

More Benefits

Including these life-changing gifts listed above, upon signing up for the KH 5-Step System, you will also receive...

A FREE PDF of our latest book:


How to Step into Your Authentic Power with Grace and Create the Life You Desire"


Access to our exclusive

Private Facebook KH Community Page

An invite to schedule a 40 minute

Active Assistance Call to get you started

Program Investment

We know your Teen's life is sacred to you. As their parent/guardian, you would give anything to see them happy, playful and enjoying every day of their beautiful life! You want what is best for them, and we at KickA$$ Happyness know that it is possible!

We also know that the journey can seem overwhelming at times and  that it can take an exorbitant amount of time and money to figure out what works for your Teen. 

That is why the team at KickA$$ Happyness has created this 90-day program where we offer paradigm-shattering tools and strategies that essentially collapse time and space to accelerate your teen's healing and transformation. Basically, we are the answer, the beacon of hope on what may be a stormy moment in the life of you and your Teen. Let us graciously guide you on a path to greater happiness, greater peace of mind and greater family harmony that safeguards your precious time and more importantly, your teen's best life.

Schedule your *Active Assistance Call today and let's see if we're a good fit. 

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