KickA$$ Happyness
active assistance call
About This Unique Service

A laser-focused call to address what feels like an urgent need to gain clarity and guidance around a particularly pressing challenge in the life of your Teen.

After scheduling your  Active Assistance Call, you will be sent a link to your email inbox to schedule a 40 minute call. You will then be sent another link (Zoom link) which is the link that you will use to access the call on the day and time you have selected. 

During this one-on-one call with Anne Hayes, you will receive immediate feedback with at least 2-3 action steps related to minimizing your worry around your Teen's current behavior and how you can support them to get through this challenging time.

What To Expect From This Service
Our Special Offer To You

We understand the sense of urgency when your Teen is exhibiting behaviors which can sometimes fill your mind with a great deal of angst. At KickA$$ Happyness, we offer an opportunity to address current concerns immediately and with efficiency, guaranteeing increased peace of mind.