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Music that transforms

Click on the image to experience Mama G's  transformational sound.




                  THE STORY BEHIND THE MUSIC


Mama G is a leader in the creative arts community who flows over smooth beats with deeply significant lyrics that resonate with transformative growth for the listener.


As a lifetime poet who often listened to underground funk as the Hip Hop/Rap scene began to unfold back in the 70s, she was always drawn to the power of the word in a poetic flow. Her father also had a great influence on her style as he often played Motown and Jazz favorites in the home while she was growing up.

At a pivotal point in her life, she began to transform her own pain that stemmed from childhood sexual abuse through music. As an intuitive and one who has tapped into higher realms from an early age, she actually had a life-altering experience when a young teen she had taught in a local juvenile detention center came to her in a vision after his tragic death.

It was a cathartic event, and almost immediately, her Hip Hop poetry turned into rap songs with a lyrical and spiritual depth that surprised even her.

She began to attend open mics, poetry events, was a frequent guest at local subway ciphers and even showed up a couple of times at a warehouse in an industrial park with 3 turntables and a couple of mics in an intimate gathering where she learned how to compose catchy 4-bar rap verses.

Interestingly enough, because her early trauma and challenges with focus made it difficult at the time for her to memorize her own lyrics, she became adept at freestyling where she became somewhat of a legend in her local area.

Her unique flow, deft delivery, and powerful lyrics are already helping to shift current paradigms in human consciousness in a purely uplifting way never before experienced in the World until now.

And because she has spent decades working with, mentoring and engaging with teens who sought out her guidance while processing their own pain, her mission is to completely change the landscape of the current music scene so that 100s of millions of teens live happy and fulfilling lives.

Please contact us today at to begin the process of having Anne/Mama G present at your school or community organization or if you are interested in a producing epic music on the creative edge. Sponsors and Angel Investors are always welcome. 

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